Untitled By Guayasamín Oswaldo

Quietus: Poem II

O’God, O’God—Of Awe & Might;
Have Thou let us out of thine sight?

O’God, When shalt Thou take away
that Gift you gave me once to strive?
‘Proaching the darkest verge of Life,
On which our splendour fades away.

There’s no escaping the pain we keep;
That pain I keep, That’s keeping me,
Unalive, Undying, Unbound, Unfree,
Perpetually sowing that bane we reap.

O’God, Thou left us here to mourn,
the days we spend in fatal fear.
Instead of being here, or near,
You cast our soul forgotten—forlorn!

Through all I saw, I wished me blind;
For scenes are horrid as can be,
& for every Goodness I did see,
Nothing I found remained behind.

O’God, Thou canst do all entirety,
For thou canst leave us here alive;
Unable to exist, subsist, survive,
Risking our righteousness & piety.

O’ God , Our God…
When shalt Thou take away,
That Soul you’ve left at end of day,
Between the edge of Love & Sin,
Into the Darkness deep within,
Take us before we fall astray,

O’God, Our God—The God of Day;
The God of Light,
Don’t leave us fright…
Do take us or just take away,
The Demons of Eternal Night;
O’God, Our God—Of Awe & Might,
Don’t let us ever out of your sight…


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