Soldier standing in front of the Sea, an AI-Generated painting by Fady Magdy

Amidst My Passions;

Now I, amidst my Passions; Stand,
Each day,…. Each day,
Each night,
The Gates of Hell upon my sight:
Roaring in all ungodly might.
To leave this Godless lonely land,
Each day,…. Each day…
The dust of time runs through my hand,
As grey,…. As grey…
I find,
My heart searing as an Aged—unkind,
Haunting the shadows in my mind,
That no sainthood can alone command,
They grey,…. They grey…
All colours, that nature disband,
Away,…. Away…
Does flee,
The man I deemed, before, as me,
The man who used to glare & glee,
For a moment, Forever, from Elysium banned,
Away,…. Away…
Forever unmade, unmended, unmanned,
Astray,…. Astray…
My forehead;
scorched of the stamp of flames, it bled,
Forever, everywhere I tread,
Known as the one who, the dark did brand!
Astray,…. Astray…
This is no course of Life, I’ve planned,
At play,…. At play…
That game,
My demons thrive on me in shame;
Though them, I’ve kept abject & tame,
Their reins have slipped a strand by a strand,
At play,…. At play…
My turn to stay in reins—a remand,
To pray,…. To pray…
In adamant hope; No lack thereof,
For I have yet my faith—in Love,
To pray,…. To pray…
steadfastly amidst my Passions; I Stand.


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