The Stoic

All of this… All of this; is in my mind,
All the searing, all the scaring,
All the trucing all the waring;
& in breaking, I am taking,
All the joy, that’s left behind,
All of this, is in my mind…

Mindless chatters, heals yet shatters,
Worrying over endless matters,
Now it batters each bone, it shudders
pillars, Never knew I confined,
Yet all of this, is in my mind…

Yet I keep on tensely steering,
Wheels inside my soul are gearing,
But in fearing, I am cheering,
Days I know will go as wind;
All, then, gone, out of my mind…

Deep inside: I may be falling,
War Cymbals, trembling, enthralling,
My heart as I exalt my calling
Of which I’m deeply affined;
Calling: Rising in my mind…

I’m a man of sorrows ridden,
& melancholy never hidden,
My surrender, though forbidden,
It resolves my strength, entwined,
in the halls within my mind…

I still war for my own soul,
I still answer to the call,
All my demons, made me whole,
True, & Loving, Full, & Kind,
Towards my brethren, Mankind…

Knowing this, that endless bliss,
I can’t, for a moment, miss,
Endless Elysium & abyss,
Keeping me, astute, aligned,
& all of this,… inside my mind…


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