I must beware of compliments.

I remembered something I have written two years ago;
Enduring a compliment is much harder than enduring an insult.

So, this now is for you. Remember this, there will come a time when, out of all the self-aggrandizement that you have built unto yourself, you will fall. You will come to see the world as it really is — naught.

You will lose you moral balance, your emotional balance, your mental balance. All the measures you have kept to conform yourself will be damaged. You will come to lose your constants.

& then you will see the dawn. All will be renewed; what is broken, will be restored. What was wounded, will be healed — even yourself. Especially yourself.
When that happens remember one thing. That not suffering is not the precondition of existence. Not suffering is not the norm.
That if you are not suffering; If you are not out of balance, then you are lucky.

Enjoy being that state & be prepared for the odds.
You will be happy, you will also be in pain.
Embrace that, love that;
& never take any compliment about what you have or what you are.
Because it will all fall apart,
the only remaining thing you will have to yourself is the spirit to choose, the will to fight, & the guts to stand up again.
There lies your pride, into the spirit of suffering, into accepting the self-sufficient reward — that is of virtue.



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