When You Pray II

When you pray, Remember to pray for those who are too many within themselves. Those who became aware of their own becoming. Those who experienced Life so much in a world without life; that they now long to die.

For those who stopped praying for childish desires. For those who stopped wishing. For they have burnt themselves into their own emotions & thoughts. Those who stopped thinking long ago, Those who are banished by the severity of their own emotions, by their lust for righteousness & for perfection, by their craving for the infinite yet never reaching. For those who lost all the good they are, to be perfect.

Pray for those who lost all reason, all motif, & all purpose to pray. Pray for those who lost their belief in their God, and most of all those who lost belief in themselves, who wished they have no chance to fight, who hoped for the last minute of their own life because living stopped being precious.

Pray for the Wanderers, for the ever-losing, and for the ever-lost. For those who found no solace except in their melancholy. Those who found no friend except in their enemies. and those who found no cheer expect in their misery.

Pray for those who succumbed to the solitary surrender. Who flattered the idea of leaving life with abject captivity. For those who long to the nocturnal fumes of the night. For those who whispered to the darkness and it answered. Those who have met their own demons yet they cannot face them. Who looked darkness into the eye, and found darkness looking back.

Pray for those who could not understand their own limitations. and for those who fixated their soul on being too limited. For those who seek everything where it’s not. For those who can’t be themselves anymore; who can not see anymore, who can not smell anymore, who can not hear any more, who can not taste anymore, who can not touch anymore, and those who can not live anymore.

Pray for the uncalculating, the spontaneous, for the unknowingly unknown, for the very fearless, the very kind, the very true. For those who spear the face of reality and come back both: conquering and conquered. For those who take life by both hands and give back all what it is to give.

Pray for those who contemplate their souls, who would want to find themselves into the world and find the worlds within themselves. and most of all, pray for those who found none.

Pray for those who leap unto aid when none could tread, who stroll the halls of absence vanquishing sadness and melancholy with their presence. For those who would beat the misery of thousands feeding not their pride nor status. For those who would preach light to the faint, beauty to the ugly, riches to the poor, and life to the dead. Those who heal, the broken and the bruised. Those who restore the balance of Life, shattering theirs, breaking down the walls of their existence to begin again. Those who recaptured the forgotten deliverance, who gave Love back to the unloved people of power.

Pray for the dancers, who journey on their dance unto all the heroes, the old and the new. For those who dance the end of their life and their Love, making life out of death and heaven out of hells. Pray for the old and the silent, for the young and the violent, for the sisters, for their stories and their rumors, for the young lads, for the brothers, for the makers, for consumers, for the soldiers, for protesters, for dissenters, for academics and school-bus drivers, for their chubby daughters, and their insecure sons, for the workers and the cheerleaders,  for families and friends, for half-siblings and second cousins, for greeters and neighbors, for the married and the single, for the Muslims, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Christians, for republicans, democrats, liberalists, socialists, conservatives, fascists, anarchists, communists, right wings, left wings, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer. For the hypersensitive and the politically incorrect. & most of all, pray for the dance they dance along their way.

Pray we stay — as we may —  as much as human beings as we could be now. Pray we never lose ourselves to our egos, to our differences, to our lust, and to our pleasures.

Pray for those who restore God into the world. For those who choose order and truth to defeat chaos. For those that are true. For those that are true. Perhaps when you pray, pray for those who are us, for those much like me, for those much like you…

& most of all when you pray;

Pray that we lose not our life,
Before we lose to death,
Pray we hold steadfast to what we have;
To preserve all the good we are.
& pray we stay as we may…



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