Contemplations: Do not outgrow yourself… Learn to innately fill in your own space

Race is a relative experience…. Do not rush yourself as you pace between human beings in a hopeless attempt to surpass them… You will find yourself overwhelmed in vain.

Because a race is a relative experience. If you looked forward you would find those who went far beyond yourself & if you looked backward you would find those who fell behind… And there you are… You lie within the point of no perspective where you cannot see that within every moment you try to find your position you are actually moving in time… There is no position… There is none to compare yourself to. You’re a supernova bombarded across the horizon of Life and there you are trying to compare yourself to others….

There is none to compare yourself to and there is none to impress but your own self. Your own future self is hte one to change… Your own past self is the one to learn from…
It is all about you.

People are there to love and only to love…not to own, . For love is a state of giving, while comparing, seeking impressions, appealing to them, is a state of owning…
Trying to deal with impressions is associated with eccentricity & eccentricity is all about owning. Since the goal you try to encompass encompasses you and since all what you try to own owns you. Therefore you will find yourself owned by your attempts to seek acceptance or approval… or simply if you compared yourself with any one.

Therefore; always fill your own space.
None other than that.

Learn to stay within your own domains… And do not mistake that for the loss of ambition…
For ambition is always sustained by expanding your own domains not by comparing them to others…

Do not outgrow yourself,
Nurture it first…
Nurture it well… For nurturing will bring natural and innate growth…


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