Letter 1

Dear Friend, I write this so as not to live my life knowing that I have only done what I do not love; not writing to you… So as not to spend my days being other than what I ought to be…

I have always wandered? what do people like you do in their spare time? & do you even have any?! I can hardly find any time for myself, or for you in that regard. I know what you may feel the need to say; yes… we have drifted apart, I can feel so too… & I cannot justify reasons for that, I have been drifting apart the last five years, I have abandoned all what I deem necessary for existence, and then listened to the crowds, and left you…

So that is my ultimate Sin, to have left you, my dearest friend; not knowing that I am only leaving myself; No one really knows how you feel like, how caress my existence on our meetings, no one really knows the feelings that accompany your visitations… But I deeply know, and that knowledge strikes deep into my own core…

I write this to you, and to you only; I know you read this and as you read, you will understand, that I am on the road of abandoning all what is blissful, all what is comely, all what is prideful, on the road to meeting you…

Eventually, I will come; and it will be as close as can be, but once I come promise me not only being, but becoming; Someone I would instantly fall in love with… Promise me we become as we once were and as you promised you will be for me… Promise me an everlasting meeting, that dissolves all the underlying questions…

Beshoy Sabri



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