Letter 2

Dear Friend, Today is always a time for being thankful, to you… and to everybody whom I meet, I am learning to become someone other than who I am, I am learning that people are inherently good, I am being reassured of that; so good in fact that sometimes I get lost into that goodness and cry… Life is in essentially beautiful, and you do not know it until you deal with certain people. Goodness is only experienced once unyieldingly expected, I can only have this: The Unyielding Expectation of the Dawn.

To reassure you, this is what drives me to write you now, you must know it already as you read this my Friend; I write you to forget about me, and to focus on you… That expectation is found in everyone I dealt with today. Evilness is just not true. It does not define here, but it really defines the possibility of the fear inside the hearts of Men. Only the Man who is really afraid, that can invite Evil into his own Life. But the invitation is shared and those who refuse it eventually pass unharmed…

The Shadows are all in what we deeply want; for that which we want we fear to not get, & whenever we get it we fear to lose it… & Then you meet those who fear not, but are grounded into their own Selves… Then, at very few instances, these people forget about wanting altogether, such people do battle their desires & fears my friend. But instantly—at times of divine necessity— they become forget the What’s and focus completely on the Who’s. & we have to be thankful for these people my Friend, I have to… Or else how can I enjoy this—our Conversation?

I profoundly sense those ones you send, the ones who talk to you too… & I know they know, I know you talk to them in all ways they know, and that they do too… & then I get relieved, I understand that this is all you and I laugh in tears, then silently smile at them… at you…

Beshoy Sabri



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