Raghse Zarrat

I wake no more,
For I have been awaken,
& I, too, forsake the door,
I, too, the one forsaken;
Leaving myself to myself,
Through blood and bone
— alive alone.
I contemplate my core;
The soul within my soul
of which I say no more.
For I have been uttered
A word — a dawn,
— alive alone.
Unto the world of God & Man,
unto the chaos, should surrender,
unto their own self-own life span;
so meekly, quiet yet tender.
Captured in a cage, confined;
within a sole state of mind,
Though chained & checked, they guide
my self-same doubtful pride
That wastes my self in thriving,
So, yield shall I, The Command,
Of worlds in me forthcoming;
Of atoms unbecoming,
For Divinity contriving,
For myself & my self-becoming.
By me, O’me reviving,
For me to me coming,
From me to me arriving,
I am Divinity homecoming,
I am a Man surviving.


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