The Wish

It was a starry night. Stars glanced across the face of the firmament. They swayed & stretched upon the skyscape just like the serene waves that stretched upon the sea underneath. That night, the breeze smelled sacred. Love was present for absent was all his lament & distance was humble —a token of the age reborn. That night, wishes were facts & dreams were reality.
That night he wished his first true wish. A one that will change the course of the rest of his life —Just as he gazed at the falling star.

It was his first time to wish upon the gaze of a falling star. It was his first time to wish at all as he reckoned. Although he knew he has wished before. Yet it was never true or subtle as this one. That wish tasted different.

It was a wish of flames and bones and gore and flesh and wounds and words and roses crushed and tears adorned into the waves of sweet surrender of a Lovelorn.

It was his first wish & his last wish. The pinnacle of what his mind could contemplate, of what his heart could feel, of what his tongue could utter, & what his soul could believe.

It was a wish where all multitude where one. All those inner fights were resolved & all his inner demons were lulled to chant along the notes of the hymns of the thoughts reborn out of his wish.

It was a wish after all the loves were lost, & all his feelings were crushed, & all his soul was shattered, & all his hopes were smothered. A wish in a time where wishes were a myth.

It was a wish that’s born with a torn belief, & foreign relief. A wish from himself within himself that’s only attained by himself. His soul was One just as all those stars were. A wish so strong, as long as all the words of the world could take yet just as much it was as brief.

It was a wish of a surrender —yet of valor, and honor and days of yonder. A wish of a crushed creed & a dreadful deed — where all his suppressed night songs were freed.

A wish of a divine manifestation & an esoteric contemplation —born only in unitive isolation.

A wish of many… A wish of any…
A wish of all who could have wished,
If only they have seen all what can be seen.

A wish of heat & winds & rains & frost,
A wish of the broken, the fallen, the wanderers & the lost,
A wish of a heart that in the wish would see it all,
& contemplate it all —his future and his past & back to Now.
& though a heart of pain was his somehow,
his heart’s one wish was his only vow.
For nothing is more true than the heart of an experienced believer.
No believer is more true than a veteran.


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